CEO Frank Price shares his views on the Federal Budget

Sonia Lim 8 Jun 2021

Our CEO Frank Price recently spoke to The Weekly Source about the Federal Budget and what this means for the aged care workforce.

How critical is the workforce shortage?
In the 14 years that I have been involved in aged care, and the ten years before that in my time in the disability sector, I have never seen a sector with such a critical job shortage as aged care is experiencing right now.

It is increasingly difficult to find new staff and we are losing our good long term staff who are either retiring or, due to the challenges posed by a global pandemic and Royal Commission, are choosing to work elsewhere for more money and considerably less stress.

Do you think the measures announced in the Federal Budget will ease the situation?
The measures announced in the Federal Budget are well intended and meaningful in many ways to the sector, but will these lead to the structural changes that are needed in our industry? I am doubtful.

Certainly, the initial sugar hit of funds will keep providers out of insolvency for the next twelve months which is a good outcome. But the ongoing financial pressures the industry is facing have not yet been addressed and while plans to create a workforce strategy are underway, our workforce crisis is only going to get worse, we need to do something now.

What is RFBI doing?
RFBI has been working for many years to establish a best-practice approach to the selection and recruitment of staff. Our goal is to ensure we select the right staff from the outset and once employed, that our staff remain well trained, supported and equipped to bring out their best.

We are currently working with an innovative training organisation – Key 2 Learning College – to develop a new training program that will help both our new and existing staff. We are also looking at how we can establish career pathways for our staff into areas of specialization and management roles.

If you are interested in turning your passion for helping people into a meaningful career, visit http://careers.rfbi.com.au/ or call your local RFBI Village.

To read the Budget announcement, please click here.