Celebrating Love this Valentine’s Day

Sonia Lim 18 Feb 2019

Love was in the air across our RFBI Villages last week on Valentine’s Day where love was celebrated in a variety of ways – through fun activities, romantic lunches, as well as musical performances and sing-a-longs.  It was the perfect opportunity to explore the universal theme of love and what it means to our residents, families and staff.

At our Villages, everyone got involved in our Valentine’s Day postcard activity and shared what ‘love is’ to them. Their thoughts were written on a specially designed postcard and displayed on a wall easily available for everyone to read. As part of our positive ageing program, we put our residents’ needs and interests at the heart of this program by encouraging them to focus on what they have to share and not the age that they are. This program has allowed residents to interact with staff, families, their local communities and each other in a fun and engaging way.

Below are some of the lovely postcard responses we have received:

“Love is accepting each other for who we are, even when it’s difficult.”

“Love is family, grandchildren, great grandchildren and friends.”

“Love is beautiful and timeless.”

“Love is like the wind – you can’t see it but you can feel it.”

“Love is having someone to share things with.”

The staff at RFBI have done an amazing job organising all the fun-filled activities in their local Villages and it was great to see our residents getting involved and being so proud to share what ‘love is’ to them.