Celebrating beer in Holt

Sonia Lim 10 Aug 2023
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On the 4th of August, the atmosphere at RFBI Holt Masonic Village was filled with cheer and camaraderie as we celebrated International Beer Day with our wonderful residents.

Beer is a popular thing to celebrate, we discovered, and residents enjoyed the flavours and laughter that came with the day. Our residents were treated to a diverse selection of beers for tasting, creating a mini beer festival right within our village. From the classic Victoria Bitter to the rich Coopers Extra Stout, the familiar Cooper Original, and the refreshing Great Northern Super Crisp, there was something for every palate. For those who preferred non-alcoholic options, we had an array of juices and lemonades on hand.

Residents washed down their drinks with delectable finger foods and snacks.

But the celebration didn’t stop at just tasting beers – we brought the spirit of fun to the forefront with engaging games like charades, a beer quiz that challenged even the connoisseurs, and an International Beer Day trivia session that unveiled fascinating facts about beers from around the world. To add a musical touch, we played some spirited pub songs that filled the air with even more joy and energy.

The event was not only about indulging in the goodness of beer but also a journey of discovery. Our residents were thrilled to learn intriguing facts and stories about this beloved beverage, expanding their horizons and sparking conversations that resonated long after the event concluded.

The heartwarming moments were abundant as our residents revelled in the opportunity to mingle and socialise. The day was a beautiful tapestry of laughter, sharing, and bonding, reminding us all of the power of community and togetherness.

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