Celebrating a century of Audrey

Sonia Lim 24 Jan 2024
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On January 18, 1924, a remarkable soul named Audrey came into this world in Queensland. Fast forward a century, and Audrey recently marked the incredible milestone of turning 100 at our RFBI Raleigh Urunga Masonic Village. The air was filled with joy as Audrey, a cherished member of our village community, celebrated in a way that perfectly encapsulated her vibrant spirit.

Audrey’s day began with her customary Thursday routine – a visit to the village hairdresser to ensure she looked her absolute best. Despite reaching the incredible age of 100, Audrey shows no signs of slowing down.

Audrey’s birthday celebrations kicked off earlier in the week when her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren arrived from all corners of the country to celebrate. The highlight of the celebration was a magnificent carrot cake, crafted with love by Audrey’s family, which is her favourite.

Before heading out with her family, Audrey received heartfelt well wishes from fellow residents and staff, who sang Happy Birthday and presented her with beautiful flowers and a cake.

Since Audrey joined RFBI Raleigh Urunga Masonic Village in March 2017, she has become an integral part of our village community. A proud supporter of Queensland and Manly, Audrey is known for her competitive edge, often emerging victorious in the village football tipping competition.

For Audrey, the best part of turning 100 was the priceless gift of having her entire family together in one place. As someone who enjoys the occasional outing with family and a little flutter on the horses, Audrey embodies the spirit of embracing life to the fullest. She is also wonderful with technology and keeps connected with her family via her iPad.

Audrey’s centennial celebration was a testament to the power of love, family, and the joy found in each precious moment. We at RFBI are honoured to have been part of Audrey’s special day – happy birthday Audrey!

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