Celebrating those who care

Sonia Lim 7 Aug 2019
RFBI Scholarship Recipient Megan Peek

RFBI Scholarship Recipient Megan Peek

Megan Peek and Tegan Perry have dedicated their lives to caring for our residents at RFBI Kurri Kurri Masonic Village so that they can live the life they want. Having worked as a Carer for a number of years, it was only natural for them to take the next step to becoming a Registered Nurse.

“I want to be in an occupation where I am able to give back to people and help those in need; to also be a voice for those who sometimes do not have one,” shares Megan.

At RFBI, we are proud of the high quality, safe and affordable services we provide to over 2,500 older Australians each day. However, this great care would not be possible without the efforts of our dedicated team who are committed to achieving the best outcomes for our residents and clients.

One of the ways RFBI supports their employees is through our Learning and Development program which offers employees support and financial assistance to complete further education so they can expand their skills to achieve their career goals.

We are pleased to recognise and celebrate two of our scholarship recipients, Megan and Tegan who recently completed their training and education and are now qualified Registered Nurses.

RFBI Scholarship Recipient Tegan Perry

RFBI Scholarship Recipient Tegan Perry

“I am very grateful for the mentoring and financial assistance I have received from RFBI. I was very lucky to receive a scholarship, which funded my degree. That, along with the support and guidance from the management team, really set me up for success,” commented Tegan.

Megan added, “I was supported with rostering arrangements to allow me to have time off for classes and clinical placements. I was also offered a lot of clinical opportunities and educational resources to encourage my learning, whilst on the floor as a Carer.”

Megan and Tegan enjoys being part of a valued team and cannot thank RFBI enough for the support and assistance they have provided along the way.

“Across RFBI we share a passion for improving people’s lives and this is reflected in the care we provide. However it is not limited to our residents and clients; we are also committed to improving the lives of our employees and helping them to be the best they can be,” said Frank Price, CEO of RFBI.

Today, as part of Aged Care Employee Day, we give thanks to employees such Tegan and Megan and the many others who have dedicated their lives to helping the 1.3 million older Australian’s receiving care and services each year.

Read more about our teams at https://rfbi.com.au//news-events/