Bringing the world to our residents in Dubbo

Sonia Lim 21 Jan 2022
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Experiencing the delights, cuisine and natural splendours of the world is something our residents have long been passionate about. Many have travelled overseas or explored the wonders of Australia during their younger years.

We wanted to keep the spirit of exploring alive in our villages, so many of our teams have organised special cultural days, armchair travel experiences or themed meals to allow residents to explore the world from their home.

Our team at RFBI Dubbo Masonic Village took residents on many special adventures throughout last year.

We had traditional Aussie meat pies one day to enjoy a favourite from our home country and learnt about traditional Bangladesh culture and dress, and tried some Bangladesh food.

We ate tasty Chinese fried rice prepared by our village caterers, dressed in traditional French attire and enjoyed French food, and learnt about traditional German attire.

We enjoyed Japanese sushi and tempura vegetables and spoke to Jason over video about his trip to Japan, and enjoyed live entertainment from Chris on the bongos to celebrate Kenya.

Our Dubbo team will continue to enjoy worldwide adventures, with Egypt on the itinerary for this month!

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