Bringing the Art Deco Festival to our Leeton Village

Sonia Lim 15 Aug 2022
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The Art Deco Festival is a much-loved event on the calendar for Leeton community members. Many of our residents and staff have fond memories experiencing the event and the many talented people involved in it.

So our Leisure & Lifestyle team arranged to bring the Art Deco Festival to our RFBI Leeton Masonic Village. We organised a schedule of fun activities to celebrate the festival, starting with some arts and crafts. Our residents created some stylish 1920’s inspired headpieces crafted from lace, feathers, beads and other decorative pieces.

To show off our headpieces, we organised a special Art Deco coffee shop for residents to enjoy a cuppa and wear their headpieces. We were also kindly donated some art deco style jewellery from the Leeton Community Op Shop, which our residents adored wearing with pride.

To add to the experience, we played 1920s music and we all learnt to do the seated Charlston together. We had a wonderful time dancing together and sharing some laughs and stories.

Some residents commented “this is wonderful” and “this was so much fun”. It’s definitely a celebration we plan to continue for future years.

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