Bonds created between Holt and YMCA

Sonia Lim 29 Apr 2024
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Residents have welcomed some very special guests to our RFBI Holt Masonic Village – the children from the local YMCA. It was a beautiful experience of intergenerational bonding, as residents and kids alike immersed themselves in activities like singing, colouring, and drawing, creating lasting memories and forging meaningful connections.

One particularly touching moment occurred when the children serenaded one of our residents with a rendition of “Happy Birthday,” coinciding with their special day. The joy and excitement in the air were palpable as residents and kids celebrated together.

The day spent with the kids at YMCA was a testament to the power of connection and the importance of fostering relationships across generations. As residents basked in the warmth of the children’s laughter and the shared moments of joy, it was clear that this experience had touched their hearts in a profound way.

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