Blooming generosity from Bathurst school children

Sonia Lim 29 Dec 2023
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Residents of RFBI Bathurst Masonic Village recently received a delightful surprise—beautiful bouquets of flowers handpicked by thoughtful schoolchildren from two local schools. Bathurst Council’s initiative to allow schools to gather flowers from the park and share them with nursing homes brought joy and colour to the village.

Students from Carenne School and Bathurst Public School dropped by to brighten the day of residents. Armed with smiles and vibrant bouquets, these young ambassadors of kindness presented the flowers, carefully selected from one of the parks in Bathurst. The gesture not only added a burst of colour to the surroundings but also infused the atmosphere with the sweet fragrance of community generosity.

This is a great community initiative which creates intergenerational connections between schools and local aged care facilities. We are grateful to the students for choosing to drop flowers into the village – they’ve been appreciated and enjoyed by all.

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