Behind Each Door is a Home

Sonia Lim 9 Jan 2019

RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village Betty's Green Door

Staff at RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village have made their resident, Betty, feel more at home by giving her a special green coloured door. Green being her favourite colour, Betty now instantly recognises her own bedroom door and as a result has not been wandering into other residents’ rooms.

At RFBI, we acknowledge that dementia is a very big issue in Australia and we are trialling the implementation of a personalised door decal – a self-adhesive material that is easily placed on doors in the secure wing of villages to make our residents’ home life easier.

Betty is the first resident at RFBI to have her very own door and she could not be happier. She constantly refers to the room with the green door as her own. We hope to roll out this initiative across all RFBI villages to make the lives of our residents a better one.