Basin View residents connect with neighbouring village for games day

Sonia Lim 1 May 2024
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On a sunny Friday morning, the residents of RFBI Basin View Masonic Village embarked on a heartwarming adventure to Coastal Waters Aged Care, where they were welcomed with open arms for a day of games and sweet indulgence in celebration of Tim Tam Day.

The occasion was a special one – bringing together two communities in a shared spirit of joy and friendship.

As the residents of Basin View Masonic Village arrived at Coastal Waters, the air was filled with anticipation and excitement. They were greeted by the warm smiles of their counterparts, and soon, the halls echoed with the sound of laughter and cheerful banter.

Together, residents from both villages engaged in lively games, from board games to trivia quizzes, each activity sparking moments of friendly competition and camaraderie.

Of course, no celebration would be complete without a sweet treat, and Tim Tam Day provided the perfect excuse to indulge in the iconic Australian biscuits. Residents enjoyed a delightful morning tea together and the chocolaty goodness of some yummy Tim Tams over cups of tea.

It was an amazing way to foster connections with residents in a neighbouring aged care village and to enjoy a new experience.

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