Ballet performance enchants Lake Haven residents

Sonia Lim 11 Oct 2023
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On a splendid Tuesday afternoon, RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village was graced with a truly magical ballet performance by the talented 15-year-old dancer, Kassidy. The event was made even more special by the fact that Kassidy’s great grandparents, Bev and Geoff, who are cherished members of our Lake Haven village community, were able to experience it.

Hailing all the way from the United States, Kassidy was visiting her family in Australia, and in a heartwarming gesture, she treated us to a mesmerising ballet recital that left everyone in awe.

Kassidy went above and beyond, meticulously packing a selection of exquisite costumes for her performance. Each costume was carefully chosen to complement the various dances, adding an extra layer of magic to the afternoon.

Following the performance, Kassidy graciously took the time to answer questions and provide insights into the art of ballet. Kassidy’s dedication to her craft is nothing short of inspiring. With an impressive training regimen of 23 hours per week, she embodies the true spirit of discipline and passion that defines a dedicated dancer. Her talents have taken her across the United States to compete in various dance competitions.

The performance brought tears of pride to the eyes of her great grandparents, Bev and Geoff, who watched in awe as Kassidy graced the stage. Residents are still buzzing with excitement, recounting the enchanting afternoon they spent immersed in the world of ballet.

Thank you Kassidy for treating us to such a special experience.

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