Accessible football brings fun to Bellingen

Sonia Lim 20 Oct 2023
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We believe in fostering vibrant and active communities in all of our villages to benefit residents.  Recently, our Leisure & Lifestyle team in RFBI Bellingen Masonic Village pulled together to create a football game which allowed residents of all abilities to be involved. The activity is one of many we run regularly to improve physical activity, encourage social interaction and build a sense of comraderies between residents.

The football game we developed ensured everyone could join in, whether they were participating from a standing or a seating position. Everyone had an opportunity to aim for the goal posts on the field, kindly and carefully crafted by our Maintenance Manager, Pat.

The inclusivity of the activity made it a truly memorable event, emphasising that there’s always room for fun, regardless of physical limitations.

This unique football game not only encouraged physical movement but also provided an opportunity for residents to engage with one another in a dynamic and enjoyable setting. The benefits of such activities extend far beyond the physical realm, as they contribute to mental well-being, cognitive stimulation, and a sense of belonging within our community.

Thanks to the feedback from residents, football will become a regular activity in the village.

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