A spontaneous dance does our seniors good

Sonia Lim 30 Sep 2021
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Dancing is a wonderful form of self-expression and exercise for all, including our senior generation. Research suggests that dancing can help our older generation to improve their muscle function, strengthen their bones, improve their posture, increase balance and boost coordination. It can also reduce joint pain and stiffness and, of course, makes people feel good.

Whilst the style may have changed over the years, the passion for dance continues across generations. So if the occasion arises, our team like to encourage our residents to take over the dance floor and let loose as a feel-good and healthy activity.

Our RFBI Holt Masonic Village residents and staff recently danced their way through happy hour, becoming more energetic and spontaneous as the time went on. There were huge smiles on everyone’s faces – we’ll certainly be encouraging a good dance for future happy hour occasions as well.

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