A Shopping Experience to Remember

Sonia Lim 26 Apr 2019


Residents from RFBI Lake Haven Masonic Village were recently invited to be part of a 4-week trial for a “Quiet Hour” initiative by Westfield Tuggerah. As part Westfield Tuggerah’s Dementia friendly and inclusive Action Plan, the initiative is to create an inclusive environment for all customers and offer a shopping experience where all customers feel welcomed and valued. By simply making small changes in stores, such as the dimming of lights and keeping the music down, Westfield has indeed created a wonderful shopping experience and made a difference to those who face the challenge of shopping in a high sensory environment.

For the first time in Lake Haven, five (5) residents from our dementia care unit as well as residents with sensory sensitives enjoyed some stress-free shopping. It was such a delight to see our residents feeling comfortable and at ease as they stroll through the centre and enjoyed a cup of coffee at Max Brenner. Our residents were able to share a lovely conversation with each other without the distraction of background noises and crowds.

The quiet change to a busy shopping centre was welcomed by all and our residents were saddened that the pleasant shopping session had to end and while Quiet Hour is still in its initial phase of the trial, we are looking forward to the launch of this initiative where our residents will be able to stroll through the shopping centre at a leisurely pace.

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