A shared love for music brings Holt residents together

Sonia Lim 6 Jun 2022
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Music is good for the soul! No doubt you can count many moments in your life that you can relate to a tune – when music has cheered you up or generally just made you feel good.

Our residents and our staff love to listen, sing along to, discuss and share their favourite music with others in our villages. We all have many different music preferences, but share one love for winding down (or up when it’s time for some dancing) to music. Our residents at RFBI Holt Masonic Village have been enjoying our regular happy hours lately. For the good drink and company, but also the tunes that our volunteer, Roz, has been playing for us on the piano.

Do you have any recommendations on what Roz should play at our next happy hour? Leave them on our Facebook page.