A Mother’s Day surprise for staff and residents at RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village

Sonia Lim 16 May 2023
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Staff and residents at RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village enjoyed a very special Mother’s Day celebration yesterday with a surprise bouquet of flowers given to all the women in the Village during their Mother’s Day event.

The idea for giving flowers to the residents and staff started with a wish by Larrisa Williams, General Manager and was made possible with the help of two special partners, Lavish Flowers and Planix Projects.

“It started with a thought that it would be really nice to be able to give flowers to each of our residents on Mother’s Day,” commented Larissa Williams, General Manager, RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village.

“We were absolutely thrilled when we learned that Mel Gholami from Planix Projects had sponsored the initiative and allowed us to arrange flowers for all of our female staff as well as our female residents.” Mel Gholami attended the celebrations with her son, Cyrus, and fur family member, T-Rex. After helping to hand out the flowers, they gave everyone another treat with a beautiful violin performance by Cyrus. T-rex was also a big hit, receiving lots of pats and cuddles from the residents.

“Planix Projects is privileged to be partnering with RFBI today to spread joy and happiness at RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village. Today we celebrate love, togetherness and gratitude. Today is a perfect reminder of the importance of taking care of each other and uplifting the spirits of those who need it the most.” Mel Gholami, Managing Director, Planix Projects.

“Kudos to RFBI for their ongoing efforts towards creating a more compassionate and caring society.” Mel Gholami, Managing Director, Planix Projects.