A little goes a long way

Sonia Lim 16 Jul 2019

Hospitality Manager, Lindy Twyford has shared her love of food and innovative approach to hospitality in aged care with RFBI for 27 years. During this time, Lindy has helped drive RFBI’s Fine Dining Program featured in this video, and has so many stories to tell about how the simple things can really make a difference to the happiness and wellbeing of their residents. Take this story for example…

“One Christmas morning I spotted a long-term resident, Jack, sitting on his bed dressed up for the day in his suit. I wished him a Merry Christmas and asked him if he would be joining us for the day. He told me his family would be there soon to collect him.

I checked in with Jack regularly throughout the day to ask if he’d like something to eat, but he said his family would be there any minute.

I noticed that Jack was still sitting on the bed, dressed in a suit when I finished my shift, which was after dinner.

His family had never come to pick him up for Christmas lunch.

Along with the other staff who were finishing their shift for the day, we told him his family had been caught up and they were sorry they could not make it. It was not true, as we had not heard from the family; we just could not bear to break it to him. We put on those silly Christmas hats and made up a plate of dinner for Jack. We all stayed behind to give him Christmas.

That little bit of our time was all it took to make his day.”

We can all learn something from Lindy. It’s no wonder her ideas are often called on to inspire others and that she was awarded the Hospitality Manager of the Year at the Hospitality and Lifestyle Aged Care Awards Gala in 2018.

Read more about our Fine Dining Program at https://rfbi.com.au//news/fine-dining-experience/