A day in the garden for a good cause

Sonia Lim 12 Dec 2023
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In a charming celebration of reflection and community spirit, RFBI Raleigh Urunga Masonic Village recently hosted a garden party morning tea to mark the opening of their new Reflection Garden. This delightful event brought together residents, staff, and visitors not only to enjoy the beauty of the newly created garden, but also to raise funds for the RFBI Benevolence Program and Annuities Scheme.

The idea for a Reflection Garden was born out of the collective desire of both staff and residents, and over the past few months, Karla, the dedicated gardener at Raleigh Urunga Village, has been diligently working to bring this vision to life. The garden serves as a peaceful space for contemplation and tranquillity within the village grounds.

The grand opening of the Reflection Garden was commemorated with a lively garden party morning tea from our cafe, where attendees were treated to a warm cup of coffee and an assortment of delicious cakes—the tea and cake was enjoyed from a humble contribution of $5. Despite the occasional light rain, the atmosphere was filled with joy, camaraderie, and appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounded them.

The highlight of the event was not just the celebration of the Reflection Garden but also the collective effort to contribute to RFBI’s Benevolence Program and Annuities Scheme. Through the generosity of those in attendance, the village raised a commendable $245, furthering the organisation’s commitment to supporting individuals, families, and communities in times of need.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the hardworking staff who dedicated their efforts to ensuring the success of this event. Their commitment added an extra layer of enjoyment for everyone present, making the garden party morning tea a truly memorable occasion.

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