FREE Respite and $50,000 off*

Enjoy FREE respite and/or take $50,000 off our published room prices when you become a permanent resident

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FREE Respite Care and $50,000 off* your room price

For many older Australians, leaving a home where you may have lived for many years is an incredibly hard decision to make. And we know that it is important that when you move into a residential care village, it is the right place for you to call your new home. Respite care can be a wonderful way of trialing a residential care village for a short period before making that decision. It is a chance for you to truly enjoy the village environment, staff, food and lifestyle before you make a decision.

For a limited time, RFBI is delighted to offer you FREE* residential respite care and/or $50,000 off our published room prices if you choose to become a permanent resident of our Village. You must meet eligibility requirements for respite care and have an ACAT assessment for admission. Respite admission is dependent on the availability of the participating RFBI residential care village. For a list of participating Villages and to read our full terms and conditions, please see below.

As a resident at our Village, you will receive:

- A private, fully furnished, single room accommodation with ensuite with unlimited Wi-Fi and a television in your room
- All meals prepared fresh daily by our catering team provided throughout the day, including morning and afternoon tea; this includes all refreshments and a glass of wine, beer or soft drink with lunch
- Daily leisure and lifestyle activities your loved ones can participate in which include bus outings and entertainment
- Personal care and support throughout the day and night (24/7)
- A secure and vibrant community with access to all Village amenities such as the library, media room as well as our onsite hairdressing salon (at your own cost)
- Support to access allied health services and specialists (at your own cost)

To find out more, call:
- RFBI Lakemba Masonic Village on (02) 9393 7700 or
- RFBI Leeton Masonic Village on (02) 6953 9300

Terms and conditions:

FREE respite care:

  1. This offer is available at:
  2. Free respite is available for a maximum of  limited time only (please speak to your participating Village team)
  3. You must have a current National Aged Care Assessment (NASF) and approval for respite
  4. You must have respite days available (maximum is 63 days per financial year)
  5. If your total respite period is for longer than offer period, payment for any days exceeding the offer period will be charged in full and must be paid prior to admission
  6. Any respite exceeding the offer free period will require payment of the Basic Daily Care Fee. The General Manager will advise what the current Basic Daily Care Fee is for your respite period
  7. Payment for any additional services that are provided as a personal expense (such as hairdressing) is to be made directly to the provide
  8.  The availability of free respite is limited. Please speak with the General Manager to confirm your respite booking

$50,000 off published room prices:

  1. $50,000 discount offer is only available to people who enter:
  2. A discount is applied to the published room price for the room taken.
  3. Residents maintain the same payment options for their accommodation costs including the ability to pay their accommodation as a fully refundable accommodation deposit (RAD), daily accommodation payment (DAP) or combination of RAD and DAP.
  4. You must have a current National Aged Care Assessment (NASF) and approval for residential care.
  5. Additional service fees still apply.
  6. Basic Daily Care Fee is still payable.
  7. Means Tested Care Fee is still payable (if applicable)
  8. Payment for any additional services that are provided as a personal expense (such as hairdressing) is to be made directly to the provider.
  9. The discount is not available on refundable accommodation contributions (RAC).

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