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Contact us

Our team is here to help. If you would like further information about our services or organisation, please complete the form below.


    Head Office

    Citigroup Centre
    Level 12, 2 Park Street
    Sydney NSW 2000

    Phone: 1800 181 959
    Email: admin@rfbi.com.au

    Postal address

    P.O. Box A2019
    Sydney South
    NSW 1235

    Have your say

    If you have a compliment, comment or complaint
    that you would like to share with us, you can do
    so through the online form on this page or print and
    complete the form below:

    To download our Compliments, Comments and Complaints Form,
    please click here.

    To view our Complaints Handling Policy, please click here. 

    Whistleblower Policy and Form

    RFBI welcomes feedback from all parties and encourages
    you to speak up if you see activity or behaviour that you
    feel is wrong or does not match RFBI values.

    Guidelines for reporting are outlined in our
    Whistleblower Policy.

    To complete our Whistleblower Report Form, please click here.