Fees and Charges

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Fees and Charges

At RFBI, we provide services for both private and government funded clients. As a private client, there is no wait time and you do not need an aged care assessment, we can provide you with home care services immediately. If you have a government funded home care package, we can similarly provide you with services immediately. If you do not yet have a package, but would like to receive government funded home care services, our team can help you access them. Please click here to find out more about how to access government funded home care services and how our team can help you. 

There are two fees and charges associated with government funded home care services: Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF) and Income Tested Care Fee.

Basic Daily Care Fee
The basic daily care fee is set by the Government and is currently 17.5% of the basic Age Pension. The basic daily care fee is reviewed twice per year on 20 March and 20 September in line with changes to the Aged Pension. We will negotiate with you regarding your ability to contribute to your package via a basic daily care fee contribution. In some instances the basic daily care fee can be reduced or waivered, resulting in a reduction or no ‘out of pocket’ expenses to you. Your RFBI Care at Home Coordinator is able to tailor a package to suit your needs and financial circumstances.

Income Tested Care Fee
Depending on your personal circumstances you may be required to pay an income tested care fee towards the cost of your Home Care Package. The Government will determine how much income tested care fee you are required to pay based on an assessment of your financial situation. Please note that if you are a part of a couple, half of your combined income is considered in determining your income tested care fee, regardless of which partner earns the income. The assessment does not include the value of your home or any other assets. There are annual and lifetime caps that apply to the income tested care fee. Once these caps are reached, you cannot be asked to pay any more income tested care fees.

Schedule of Prices

Our team will work with you to create a tailored suite of services that meet your needs, preferences and budget. Our prices below are listed per hour with a minimum charge of half an hour.

Personal Care &
Clinical Services Maintenance
Mon to Fri (Day)
6am - 6pm
$49.00 $75.00 $52.00
Mon to Fri (Night)
6pm - 6am
$56.00 $85.00 $59.00
Saturday $72.00 $110.00 $75.00
Sunday $82.00 $128.00 $87.00
Public Holiday $116.00 $180.00 $121.00
Case Management (choose between)

Fixed Weekly
Level 1 & 2:
$77 per week

Fixed Weekly
Level 3 & 4:
$154 per week

Hourly Rate:
(min charge is an hour)


$84 per week

Discharge Amount:

$200 (max)

*The prices shown above exclude GST. All services paid by your Government Home Care Package are GST free.

Other fees and charges include:

  • Travel (with client) – $1.00/km
  • Initial Assessment – $200 (one off)
  • Interim Service – Hourly rate + $11/service
  • 3rd party hire – 15% processing fee
  • Call out fee – $1.50/km

All prices will be fully explained as your care plan and budget is prepared. You are also welcome to contact our team on 1300 848 076 to discuss further.


Case Management Fees – are cost associated with the ongoing monitoring of your needs and preferences, coordinating your care and service plan, identifying and negotiating contracts with third party providers and management of your individual budget. You can choose between two (2) options of case management fee; a fixed weekly fee or an hourly rate.

Administration – The administration charge covers the cost of meeting government requirements around quality and accountability, administrating and running our home care services. Administration fees are charged daily.

Discharge Amount A discharge amount will only be applied when there are unspent funds in a person’s account upon discharge. The amount is limited to the amount of unspent funds available and the maximum that will be charged is the published amount.

Initial Assessment – All new Care at Home by RFBI clients receive an initial assessment where we discuss your care and service needs as well as understand your preferences with regards to timing and staff. Our initial assessment fee also includes a follow up visit a few weeks after services have commenced to ensure that you are happy with the services you are receiving and staff who are delivering them.

Interim Services – This is designed for clients who would like regular services not funded by the government. You can choose as many, or as few services, as you would like, however minimum is 1 hour of service.

3rd Party Hire – All goods and services provided by a third party (including hire and purchase) will incur a 15% processing fee on top of the third party cost.

Call Out Fee – The call out fee will only be applied when the service location is more than 10km from nearest RFBI Village. Call out fee is charged per kilometre, per visit.


RFBI Care at Home Team

Our RFBI Care at Home team will work with you to help get all the services you need to make a plan and a budget with you. To assist you with more information, please call us on 1300 848 076 or
click here to send us an email