Capped Price Option

Enjoy the comfort of knowing exactly how much your residential aged care will cost

Capped Price Option

RFBI is removing the complexity surrounding residential aged care fees and charges by offering residents a capped price option that encompasses all your aged care fees and charges in one flat rate that is fixed for the duration of your stay.

The capped price option includes:

  • All meals and drinks,
  • All laundry and consumables,
  • Your accommodation,
  • Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF) and
  • RFBI Standard Additional Services Package which covers your in-room TV, unlimited WiFi, paid entertainers, regular bus outings, fine dining experiences and birthday celebrations.


Capped for your entire stay

Under the Government’s Schedule of Fees and Charges, a resident’s Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF) is reviewed twice a year. Under our capped price option, we will wear the cost of any increases to the Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF) and will also be exempt from any increases to our standard additional services package fee.

Our capped price option gives you the comfort of knowing exactly what you will be paying – capped, for your entire stay.

Accommodation payment options

Our capped price option is one of the payment options available for our residents. You can choose this option or decide to pay for your accommodation by the standard daily accommodation payment or refundable accommodation deposit (RAD), however by doing so you will be charged all other fees and charges separately as per the current schedule of aged care fees and charges and RFBI’s additional services package pricing.

Pricing will also be adjusted in line with government changes to the schedule of aged care fees and charges and RFBI pricing changes.


Means tested care fee

Means tested care fees are determined by the Government based on their determination of your financial capacity to pay and your care needs. If you are required to pay a means tested care fee, this will be charged in addition to your capped price option.


Other additional services

As well as our Standard Additional Services Package, RFBI offers other additional service options such as in-room phone and line rental and pet’s welcome package which is available at select villages. These are available to all residents and for those that choose our capped price option will have the cost of these packages charged on top of your capped price option.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Capped Price Option is currently available at RFBI Concord Community Village and RFBI Holt Masonic Village.
  2. Capped Price Option is only available to non-supported residents.
  3. Capped Price Option does not include means tested fees. If the government determines that you are required to pay a means tested care fee, this will be charged in addition to the capped price outlined in your agreement.
  4. Your capped price offer will be set out in your agreement.
  5. Residents have the option to pay their Capped Price Option as a lump sum and have the daily payment drawn down from the lump sum. Any amount not drawn down will be refunded when you depart the village.
  6. Residents who choose to move room will need to enter into a new contract which will include a new capped price offer.
  7. Residents will not be charged the additional services component of the Capped Price Option for periods when they are not eligible to pay this charge. You will continue to pay the remainder of the capped price amount. The amount relating to additional services will be identified in your agreement.