Your guide to Aged Care

Helping you through the aged care maze

The aged care system is complex and many find it confusing and difficult to work through so we have created these guides to make your aged care journey simpler and easier to navigate by providing you with all the information you need at each step.

Our friendly team is also here to assist. Simply call your local RFBI Village or 1800 181 959 to speak to a member of our team.

View the guide most relevant to you below.

Retirement Villages Guide

Moving from your family home into a retirement village is a major decision: a total change in lifestyle. But there comes a time when living comfortably in a low maintenance home that provides you with security and serenity is just too good to ignore. How do you go about it?

Moving into a retirement village is very much like buying a home or apartment. You find a location where you want to live, look for the right property, go and inspect it, obtain an information pack and contract, submit your application, get it accepted, and move in.

Our RFBI Retirement Villages Guide will help you understand the process and guide you to the lifestyle you deserve.

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Residential aged care

The need for residential care can happen quickly — often as a matter of urgency. At RFBI residential aged care homes and villages, we understand the accompanying stress and strains at such a time; the expertise of our staff is balanced by our caring approach that symbolises RFBI residential aged care.

To access residential aged care, you will need to be assessed and approved by an Aged Care Assessment Team.  Once that is in place, you need to find the right residential aged care village for you. RFBI operates residential aged care villages in 22 locations across NSW and ACT, each offering round the clock care by our caring and compassionate team.

The best way to find out whether a residential aged care service will be right for you is to visit the village and meet the team. During your tour our team will explain the fees and charges and take you through the next steps.

Let us help you through this stressful period with the RFBI Residential Aged Care Guide.

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Home care

Home care services are designed to help you to live independently in your own home. As with residential aged care, you will need to be assessed and approved by an Aged Care Assessment Team by contacting My Aged Care.  Once approved for a Home Care Package, you will then need to find your preferred home care provider and wait until a package is available before you can start receiving government funded services.

It is a bit of a complicated process – we have simplified it for you with the clear, concise and helpful information in our RFBI Home Care Guide.

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