Aged Care

Helping you through the aged care maze

We will help you make the right, fully informed choice by providing the information you need to make your way through the aged care system. Its complexity makes many aspects confusing and difficult to work through.

The RFBI Aged Care Guide helps simplify the whole process, taking you through terminology, eligibility criteria, fee structures and more including step-by-step information on how to proceed.

View the guide most relevant to you below.

Retirement Villages Guide

Moving from your family home into a retirement village is a major decision: a total change in lifestyle. But there comes a time when living comfortably in a low maintenance home that provides you with security and serenity is just too good to ignore. How do you go about it?

Moving into a retirement village is very much like buying a home or apartment. You find a location where you want to live, look for the right property, go and inspect it, obtain an information pack and contract, submit your application, get it accepted, and move in.

The RFBI Retirement Villages Guide will help you understand the process and give you the lifestyle you deserve.

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Residential aged care

The need for residential care can crop up quickly, requiring new assisted living arrangements to be made — often as a matter of urgency. At RFBI residential aged care homes and villages, we understand the accompanying stress and strains at such a time; the expertise of our staff is balanced by the caring approach that symbolises RFBI residential aged care.

After being assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team to confirm you are eligible for financial support, it’s time to choose the retirement village location you prefer, take a tour, obtain an information pack and contract, submit your application, get it accepted and move in.

Let us help you through this stressful period with the RFBI Residential Aged Care Guide.

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Home care

When you’re still independent and living at home but need a helping hand now and then, how do you find out whether you’re eligible for financial support and arranging for home care services?

Unfortunately, the process is quite lengthy. Previously, the government would assess your eligibility and assign you a home care provider. Nowadays, the government still performs the assessment but leaves the choice of home care provider to you.

This means you have the choice to select the best provider for your needs but does also mean a little more work and research. This makes it sound like a bad thing to have choice.

Let us simplify the whole process for you with the clear, concise and helpful RFBI Home Care Guide.

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