As you will see from our purpose, culture and values, compassionate, quality aged care is our first priority and we are proud to regularly receive letters of thanks from our clients, residents and their families showing that we are striving to achieve this objective. We are also proud of our dedication and fun loving staff who aim to ensure that every day is a great day for all our customers.

We regularly ask our residents and their families to provide us with feedback, to ensure we continuously improve our service delivery and add new activities and services to meet new or emerging needs.

Pleasingly from this feedback, well over 90% of respondents would recommend us to family and friends.

As a not for profit organisation, we reinvest all our funds back into our people and services.

We invite you to visit your local RFBI Retirement Village or Residential Care Village and see our care first hand. We’re also happy to discuss any Home Care needs you may have. We also recommend you review our Aged Care Guides, which provide an overview of everything you need to know to assist your journey through the aged care system