Purpose, Culture and Values

Our Purpose

RFBI provides quality care and services for all older people that make a positive impact on their lives.

Our Culture

Heritage – we acknowledge the rich heritage bequeathed to the organisation through the leadership, vision and commitment of those who have gone before.

Ethical practices – our practices and behaviour are beyond reproach.

Respect of individuals – our staff, volunteers, residents, clients, relatives and all other persons are treated equally and respectfully.

Provider of quality services – we measure and benchmark our performance with other like-minded organisations and continually assess our performance by the quality of services we deliver.

Employer of choice – our staff are valued and respected for their roles and contribution. Their employment conditions and career paths demonstrate RFBI as a leading employer.

Effective stewardship – we understand and accept our responsibility to manage the business in a prudent, viable and sustainable manner, to cement the future of RFBI.

Environmentally responsible – we manage our operations and deliver our services with knowledge of our responsibility to future generations.

Our Values

  • We aim to be of service
  • We act honestly at all times
  • We are ‘on the level’ and treat others ‘on the square’
  • We welcome all
  • We make no distinction based on financial status, rank, gender, background or belief
  • We value and respect all others, and seek to live in harmony and peace
  • We promote friendship, goodwill and charitable works
  • We belong to and connect with the community and encourage life-long learning in ourselves and others
  • We are not ‘exclusive’ but ‘inclusive’ and maintain the values we embrace as a guide to how to live
  • We aim to be better people and to benefit all those we know, work with and care for
  • We aim to be happy and to promote happiness

For further information on RFBI please call us on 1800 181 959 or email us at admin@rfbi.com.au

Modern Slavery Position

RFBI rejects any form of modern slavery and human trafficking, and is committed to implementing effective systems and controls to ensure it does not take place directly within our own business or our supply chains. RFBI respects the human rights of our employees, volunteers, customers, suppliers and business partners, and aims to identify and manage any risks related to these rights.

To read our Modern Slavery Statement please click here: 2021.03_Modern Slavery Statement 2020 (1).

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