RFBI is currently rolling out Wi-Fi throughout our facilities after our successful trial at our Cessnock facility. Residents are enjoying being able to Skype with their family with many having family in other parts of the country as well as overseas.

One resident’s son who lives in another state has praised RFBI and their quick ability to connect him with his mother in care at one of our facilities via Skype. “[Being able] to Skype my mother through this innovative service … leaves me feeling deeply indebted to you and your team for the wonderful service and support you provide to my mother and her extended family.”

Having a parent in care can be difficult and emotional especially when their children aren’t in close proximity to the facility. Computers and iPads are ready at hand for residents to use when they feel they need to connect with their children, and our staff members are more than happy to help.

Visitors are also welcomed to use the Wi-Fi whilst visiting their relatives and it can be a great opportunity for a family catch-up when members are located all over the country. The RFBI is proud to be able to provide this service to our residents and their families.