Overview of residential care fees and charges

There are four fees and charges associated with residential aged care:

  • Accommodation
  • Basic daily care fee
  • Means tested care fee
  • Additional services and extra services

The amount you will pay for your accommodation is determined by your assets and income assessment. Anyone who has income and assets above the minimum threshold will be required to pay the published room price for their accommodation.

The maximum amount you can be asked to pay is the published room price.

If you have income and assets below the threshold, you may be eligible for assistance from the Government. The Government will advise if you are eligible for assistance and determine the amount you are required to pay.

There are a number of ways in which you can pay for your accommodation:

  • Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC) if you are a supported resident
  • Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC) if you are a supported resident
  • Combination of Refundable Amount and daily payment
  • Part Refundable Amount with draw down of daily payment

Basic daily care fee (BDCF)
All residents who enter into residential aged care are required to pay the basic daily care fee (BDCF). The amount is determined by the Department of Health and is currently set at 85% of the single person basic age pension.  The BDCF is used to contribute towards the cost of day to day living such as meals, cleaning and laundry.

The Basic daily care fee is updated twice a year on the 20 March and 20 September each year.

 Means tested care fee
Depending on your personal circumstances you may be required to pay a means tested care fee. The amount will depend on your income and assets and is limited by annual and lifetime caps. A means tested care fee calculator is available on the myagedcare.gov.au website.

The Government uses the Asset and Income Assessment to determine if you are eligible to pay a means tested care fee and the amount of means tested care fee you will pay. If you choose not to complete an Asset and Income Assessment you will be required to pay the maximum means tested care fee amount.

If you are not required to pay the means tested care fee, the Australian Government will pay the full cost of your care.

Means tested care fees are reviewed quarterly and you will be advised by the Australian Government if the amount you are required to pay changes.

Additional services and extra services
Additional service charges are costs associated with add-on services that you elect to receive. These may include hairdressing, Foxtel and newspapers. Additional services vary between Villages and all can be taken up or cancelled during your stay. For more information about additional services available at your preferred RFBI Masonic Village, please speak to our General Manager.

Extra services are part of a residential aged care contract and are attached to the accommodation. There are no extra service charges at any RFBI Village.

Schedule of fees and charges
All fees and charges associated with residential aged care, including income and asset thresholds are listed in the Schedule of Resident Fees and Charges. The Schedule of Fees and Charges can be found on the Department of Health website or by request from your General Manager.