Hawkins Masonic Village Ace Aged Care

The Aged Care Emergency (ACE) service is a multi organisational approach to enable older Australians in residential aged care facilities to be able to receive the right health care in the right place.

Since commencing the ACE Service two years ago, RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village has been able to prevent unnecessary trips to the Emergency Department for residents, especially those with dementia.

This is due to the training which has “encouraged staff to feel empowered via the ACE manual, and if they still felt they needed assistance they could phone a friend”.

Families of our residents at Hawkins Masonic Village are excited that the service exists because it provides their loved one with the care and respect they feel they deserve.

Staff at our Hawkins Masonic Village feel supported in their decision to send residents to the hospital as they have a plan and a clear purpose.

An example of a positive outcome involved a resident who had a fractured hip, “she was assessed, operated on and returned to the facility in a little over 24 hours”.