CEO Commendation Awards 2016

Across RFBI we have an amazing team who, every day, demonstrate our passion for improving the lives of our residents and clients through the work they do. Each year though, we take a moment to celebrate the actions taken by those who have gone over and above the call of duty and achieved extraordinary outcomes. These people are recognised with a CEO Commendation award.

This year at our Senior Managers Conference I was delighted to give out three CEO Commendation Awards in recognition of the efforts of these staff members: Sharryn McDonald, Tracey Gibson and Steve Ellitt.

Sharryn McDonald is the General Manager, RFBI Cessnock Masonic Village and was commended for her calm and confidence during the bushfires in the region in early November. With a real threat of evacuation, she ensured staff knew what their roles were and residents were reassured with a hug, a touch on the hand, a smile and gentle words of confidence.

Tracey Gibson, General Manager, RFBI Tamworth Masonic Village was confronted with the unexpected death of a resident in tragic circumstances. Tracey demonstrated great leadership as she managed the situation, working effectively with local law enforcement whilst comforting family and staff.

Steve Ellitt, Assets and Contracts Manager, RFBI Head Office, was also awarded a CEO Commendation for the outstanding work he did to ensure the smooth transition into our new offices. The commendation was recommended by the Board following his efforts which resulted in staff being able to leave our old office on a Friday and start work on the following Monday from our new offices without a hitch.